Injury from foreign object or contaminated food?

Nothing is more disgusting than finding a worm, maggot or other creepy crawler in your chicken sandwich.  The first reaction is disgust, followed by anger that you just paid hard earned money for something you cannot eat.

Generally, a manager or company complaint hotline will handle this problem with a refund or voucher for a free meal.  But what should you do if you become sick or injured by the foreign object or material?

  1. Make sure you can prove it! Take a picture of your plate or meal immediately.  Restaurant employees will be quick to take away the contaminated food as soon as it is brought to their attention, so make sure you document it first before it is thrown away or tampered with.  Also, it is a good idea to pay for the meal with a debit card or credit card, this will give you documented evidence that you were there, along with a date and time of the incident.   After you have your own documentation, call it to the attention of management, most establishments have their own incident reporting procedures.  You can request a copy of that report as well.
  2. Seek Dental or Medical Attention Immediately! If the food has made you sick, chipped a tooth or caused severe burns, you will want to seek a doctor or dentist immediately.  The extent of your injuries may change over time and become difficult to prove if you wait.
  3. Do not talk about the incident. Refrain from posting about the incident on social media, telling friends and family, and by no circumstances, do you ever want to make a statement to the insurance company regarding your injuries or any other aspect of your claim before contacting an attorney.
  4. Seek out an attorney! If your injury requires extensive dental work or surgery, or if you require ongoing medical attention, an attorney may facilitate these services with little or no out of pocket expenses.

The attorneys of Massey & Duffy, PLLC are experienced in Personal Injury lawsuits and can assist you in recovering all damages caused by foreign objects and/or food poisoning caused by mishandled and improperly prepared food.  We specialize in negotiating with insurance companies and can help you coordinate medical services to aid you in receiving the care you need for your injury or illness.

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