Ocala Automobile Injury Attorneys

Ocala Automobile Injury Attorneys

As the holiday season approaches, increased travel on Florida roadways comes with risk.  The change in season brings unexpected weather conditions such as fog, reduced hours of daylight and icy roads (yes, even in Florida!).  If you have been injured in a motor vehicle accident due to the negligence of another driver, you may be entitled to damages including, but not limited to medical expenses, property damages, loss of wages due to injury and attorney’s fees.  The attorneys of Massey & Duffy, PLLC will work hard to negotiate with the insurance companies and medical providers to ensure you receive the care that you need and receive a maximum settlement for your injuries.

With any type of personal injury claim, statute of limitations vary and may be closer than you think.  It is essential that you contact an attorney that specializes in personal injury/wrongful death immediately.  Before giving any statements to any insurance adjuster, including your own, you should contact a personal injury attorney.


Plaintiffs, Steven Timberland and Lisa Timberland, by and through undersigned  counsel, sue the Defendants, Pennsylvania Lumbermen’s Morning Fire Insurance Company and Mauro C. Damaging, and state:


The  plaintiff,  Steven  Timberland,  at  all  times  material  hereto  was  a citizen of the State of Florida.

The  plaintiff,  Lisa  Timberland,  at  all  times  material  hereto  was  a citizen of the State of Florida.

The    Defendant,    Pennsylvania    Lumbermen’s    Morning    Fire

Insurance Company is a corporation domiciled in the State of Pennsylvania, in  the  business  of  selling  automobile  liability  insurance,    authorized  to  do business  in  the  State  of  Florida.,  and  can  be  served  through  its  registered agent,  Chief  Financial  Officer,  State  of  Florida,  200  East  Gaines  Street, Tallahassee, Florida.

The Defendant, Mauro C. Damaging is a permanent United States Citizen domiciled in the State of Florida.


This lawsuit results from a collision that occurred on November 16, 2015, on I-95 North approximately 2 miles north of State Road 50, in the State of Florida. Plaintiff, Steven Timberland, was driving his vehicle reasonably and prudently when Defendant, Mauro Damaging’s vehicle suddenly and violently struck plaintiff’s vehicle. As a result of the impact, plaintiff, Steven Timberland, suffered bodily injuries and Plaintiff, Lisa Timberland, suffered a loss of consortium.



Plaintiff, Steven Timberland, reasserts and realleges each of the foregoing paragraphs as if fully set forth herein.

Defendant, Mauro C. Damaging, had a duty to exercise ordinary

care and operate his vehicle reasonably and prudently. On or about November 16, 2015, Defendant, Mauro C. Damaging negligently breached that duty in one or more of the following ways:

  1. Failing to maintain a proper lookout;
  1. Failing to yield right of way by entering plaintiff’s lane of traffic;

and Violating Florida Statute 316.1925, careless driving.

As a direct and proximate result of the negligence of Mauro C. Damaging,   Plaintiff,   Steven   Timberland   suffered   bodily   injury   and   resulting physical pain and mental anguish in the past and future; lost earnings; damage to earning capacity; disfigurement in the past and future; physical impairment in  the  past  and  future;  loss  of  enjoyment  of  life,  and  aggravation  of  a previously existing condition. The losses are either permanent or continuing and plaintiff will suffer the losses in the future. Plaintiff, Steven Timberland, has sustained   permanent   injuries   within   a   reasonable   degree   of   medical probability.

WHEREFORE,  Plaintiff,  Steven  Timberland,  asks  for  judgment  against Defendant, Mauro C. Damaging for damages, prejudgment and post judgment interest,  costs  of  suit,  all  other  relief  the  court  deems  proper,  and  a  trial  by jury on all issues herein.





Plaintiff,  Steven  Timberland,  reasserts  and  realleges  each  of  the allegations contained in foregoing paragraphs one through five as if fully set forth herein and further states:

The Plaintiff, Steven Timberland, is entitled to relief against the Defendant,  Pennsylvania  Lumbermen’s  Morning  Fire  Insurance  Company, upon the following facts:


On  or  about  November  15,  2005,  the  Plaintiff,  Steven Timberland,  was  an  insured  under  an  automobile  insurance policy which was in full force and effect with Defendant, Pennsylvania    Lumbermen’s    Morning    Fire    Insurance Company,   policy number BA 10-U007-02-05.   (Copy of the  policy  declarations  sheet  and  relevant  attachments were attached to plaintiff’s Complaint and are incorporated herein be reference.)

Said    policy    provides    protection    coverage    including uninsured/underinsured motorist coverage.

On  or  about  November  16,  2015,  at  a  time  when  the aforesaid  policy  was  in  full  force  and  effect,  the  vehicle driven by the Plaintiff, Steven Timberland, was violently struck by  a  vehicle  negligently  operated  by  an  uninsured  or underinsured motorist, Mauro C. Damaging.

Plaintiff  suffered  serious  and  permanent  injuries  within  a reasonable   degree   of   medical   probability   about   which injuries    required    extensive    medical    treatment    and procedures, thereby causing Steven Timberland to endure great pain to the body and mind.

The   underinsured   driver,   Mauro   C.   Damaging,   did   not maintain bodily injury liability coverage to compensate the Plaintiff   for   injuries   sustained   in   the   accident   and consequently,  Mauro  C.  Damaging,  is  an  “uninsured  or underinsured     motorist”     within     the     terms     of     the aforementioned policy.

The aforesaid collision and ensuing injuries and damages suffered  by  Plaintiff,  Steven  Timberland,  were  the  direct  and proximate result of the careless and negligent operation of the said uninsured/underinsured motor vehicle, by Mauro Damaging,   all   within   the   meaning   of   the   aforesaid insurance policy.

The Plaintiff is entitled to make an underinsured motorist claim under the policy for damages.

The  Plaintiff  complied  with  all  the  requirements  of  the said policy which were applicable by law, but Defendant, Pennsylvania    Lumbermen’s    Morning    Fire    Insurance Company,  has  refused  and  failed  to  pay  the  benefits  to which the Plaintiff, Steven Timberland, is entitled.

WHEREFORE,   Plaintiff,   Steven   Timberland,   asks   judgment   against

Pennsylvania  Lumbermen  ‘s  Morning  Fire  Insurance  Company  for  actual

damages, prejudgment and postjudgment interest, costs of suit, all other relief

the court deems appropriate and a trial by jury on all issues herein.

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