Multi-Car Accident on Archer Road and Interstate 75 – 11/19/2015

The attorneys of Massey & Duffy extend our deepest sympathies to the victims and families involved in the deadly accident on Interstate 75 in Gainesville yesterday.

At approximately 5:10pm on Wednesday November 18th, two commercial trucks and several passenger vehicles were involved in a horrific accident near the 384 mile marker of I-75, near Archer Road.  The accident left one person dead and several others injured.  Florida Highway Patrol and Alachua County Fire Rescue personnel responded to the scene shortly after the report.

Due to the efforts of first responders and witnesses to the scene, two victims were quickly evacuated from the scene and treated for serious injuries at UF Shands Hospital.  Several others involved in the crash were treated at the scene for minor injuries.

The crash, which involved a diesel fuel transport truck, caused a tractor trailer to catch fire for several hours and caused the complete shutdown of I-75 in both directions.  The scene was eventually cleared, well after 10 pm last night and normal traffic resumes today.

Florida Highway Patrol Officers are still investigating the cause of the accident and are expecting the investigation to last several days.  No statement has been released regarding the cause of the deadly accident, which took place during very heavy afternoon traffic and light rain.

The early minutes of a thunderstorm can sometimes be the most dangerous.  Oil pools left from vehicles have a tendency to cause slick conditions before being washed away by the heavier rain.  I-75 is particularly dangerous due to being a major commuting route between Ocala, Gainesville and Lake City.  It is important to take precautions, even if a mere drizzle is present or rain has not started yet.  Thunderstorms in Florida can be unpredictable and spotty and just because you have not observed rain does not mean it has not rained previously on other parts of the highway.

It is possible to avoid most serious accidents by increasing your following distance during inclement weather or low visibility, turning your headlights on, and not being distracted by cellphone use or texting.  Posted speed limits are designed for optimal driving conditions, meaning that weather and low visibility may require lower than posted speeds to maintain safe driving conditions.

If you or a family member is injured in an auto accident, immediately call the Florida Highway Patrol.  Take pictures of the accident scene, and contact an attorney who specializes in personal injury cases.  The attorneys of Massey & Duffy will be able to assist you in your Bodily Injury claim and help you navigate the insurance claim process.  We handle Personal Injury, Wrongful Death as well as numerous other claims involved in automobile accidents.  Time is critical in these cases to preserve evidence and get you and your family the medical attention they need, Call our office today for a FREE Consultation at (352) 505-8900.

Gainesville Drunk Driving Accident Attorney


November is in full swing and many will be getting ready to celebrate the holiday season with friends, family, and a few adult beverages.  It is not uncommon to have a few drinks during a family meal or office party, but be careful, state and local law enforcement will be watching and ready to stop intoxicated drivers.  DUIs can put a real damper on the holiday spirit and cost thousands of dollars in legal fees that will really hurt your holiday budget.  Here are a few tips to help you survive without the headaches.

  1. Know your limits. Obviously, not drinking alcohol at all is the only way to avoid a DUI. If you do choose to drink, please find a designated driver who does not drink to give you a ride home.  Two glasses of wine might be ok, but body weight, temperament and tolerance always play a factor in both your Blood Alcohol Content (BAC) and your ability to safely operate a motor vehicle.
  2. Stay overnight. The best way to truly enjoy a good holiday party is to not go home. Yes, this may be an inconvenience to your family or friends, but most loved ones would rather you spend a night on their sofa than a night in jail.  If you suspect you might be drinking at a party, bring a change of clothes or an overnight bag just in case.
  3. Know your rights. If you choose to ignore all the good advice up to this point and find yourself pulled over by Law Enforcement after you have been drinking, be familiar with your state and local laws. Do not say anything to the officer that you might regret and contact an attorney immediately.  The Law Offices of Massey & Duffy will be open throughout the holidays and are able to assist you with your case.  You may contact our office by phone (352) 505-8900 during our normal business hours or by email, 24 hours a day.

The attorneys and staff of Massey & Duffy, PLLC want to wish you a very Happy and Safe Holiday Season!

Child Injury Lawyer in North Central Florida

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Cases involving children, especially those related to injuries or death, are always heart wrenching. The attorneys at Massey & Duffy are familiar with how traumatizing it can be for a family to deal with the injury or death of a child. For that reason, our North Central Florida attorneys handle each case with compassion and professionalism.  If you need a child injury lawyer, look no further that Massey & Duffy.

Our child injury attorneys will treat your family like part of their family and ensure that you receive the damages you deserve, whether they be monetary to cover medical bills and ongoing care, funds for future needs, or other forms of compensation for pain and suffering. No two cases are the same, so our attorneys will take the time to listen to your story and make sure they represent you and your family to the best of their ability.

There are countless ways in which a child may be injured or killed. According to the Center for Disease Control and Prevention, the most common cause of death for babies under the age of one is suffocation. Children between the ages of 1 and 4 are more likely to drown. Children over the age of 4 are most likely to lose their lives from automobile accidents.

Accidental injuries are very common among children. These injuries may result from falls, ingestion of foreign bodies, poisoning, neglect of a caretaker in a daycare or school, or other accidents. Accidents involving motor vehicles are currently the highest casualty-causing factor in the country. Always using seatbelts and car seats when driving with children in the car and teaching teens safety techniques for when they’re driving on their own is key to minimizing these fatal accidents.

According to the CDC, the unintentional injury death rate in Florida among children 0 to 19 years of age was 18.5 per 100,000 persons in 2000-2005; this was higher than the national rate of 15.0 deaths per 100,000 persons in the same timeframe. For this reason, it is important to know of attorneys in your area who can help you if you are ever faced with a child’s injury or death.

The law firm of Massey & Duffy is a family firm that prides itself on its compassionate representations of other families, no matter the issue. If you ever find yourself in a situation that requires legal representation, make the right choice and contact Massey & Duffy for a free confidential consultation.