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There Are Few Areas of the Law as Complex as Overtime Exemptions

The FLSA is the Fair Labor Standards Act, a federal statute established in 1938 that outlined a minimum wage, overtime pay and maximum hour amount for a workweek. Its standards apply to all employees unless the employer can claim an exemption for the employee’s coverage.

There are numerous complex FLSA exemptions. These FLSA exemptions include the following:

  • Executive Employees
  • Administrative Employees
  • Professional Employees
  • Employees in Computer-Related Occupations
  • Outside Sales Employees
  • Salary Basis Requirement and the Part-541 Exemptions
  • Highly-Compensated Workers
  • Administrative Duties Tests

Our Lawyers Will Determine Whether You have Been Misclassified

Often, however, companies intentionally misclassify an employee to rob that employee of earned wages and overtime. To determine whether an employee has been misclassified as exempt from the overtime laws, our attorneys will conduct extensive research and draw upon their extensive experience in handling overtime claims. In fact, our law firm commonly litigates overtime claims based on intentional misclassification, including large collective actions filed against large corporations, seeking unpaid overtime for numerous misclassified employees.

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If you believe you may have been improperly classified as exempt by a Florida employer, contact our lawyers today. We are prepared to help you, with no fees or costs.