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Information from our EEOC Lawyers Regarding Retaliation and Whistleblower Lawsuits

Retaliation against whistleblowers is common; some employers even encourage it. It is your right and duty as an employee to report wrongdoing in your workplace. Whether you notice executive misconduct or want to bring attention to discrimination against you or others, your actions should not be punished. However, some employers seek to do just that by demoting, transferring or firing so-called “whistleblowers.” Employers often use these and other retaliatory tactics when an employee reports discrimination or retaliatory conduct.

Such conduct is often an attempt to distance him or her from the company and to intimidate other employees from coming forward. This practice, called retaliation, is illegal. Affected employees may be eligible to bring retaliation lawsuits against their Florida employers. They need to hire a whistleblower retaliation attorney.

Employees Should Report Misconduct, Harassment, or Discrimination

It is particularly important for employees who want to report misconduct, harassment, or discrimination in the workplace to know their rights before they report such events. This is because not all complaints of misconduct are “protected activity” for which an employer cannot retaliate. Further, even if the complaint is about protected activity, an employee can lose that protection based on the manner in which he or she complains. The result can be that the employee is terminated, ineligible for unemployment benefits, and without a viable legal claim.

We Guide Wronged Employees Through the Litigation Process

The EEOC lawyers of Massey & Duffy, PLLC, serving Florida, can guide wronged employees through the claim process with the EEOC and the details of their retaliation lawsuits. In addition, our lawyers handle whistleblower claims arising under Florida law and can help these employees seek relief in court. Whistleblower retaliation remedies vary by circumstance, and legal guidance is absolutely necessary.

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