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Title VII of the Civil Rights Act prohibits discrimination based on religion. Religion can include a belief system, religious observance or religious practice, as well as moral beliefs that have the weight of a traditional religious view.

Generally, employers must make reasonable accommodation for the religious beliefs of their employees, unless it would cause undue hardship on the employer. Undue hardship means more than simply finding a replacement for a difficult shift.

An employer’s duty to make reasonable accommodation does not arise until the employee makes a request for reasonable accommodation. In addition, the employer need only make reasonable accommodation; the law does not require the employer to make any accommodation requested by the employee.

Reasonable Accommodations Available in the Workplace

Some of the reasonable accommodations that may be made available in the workplace include:

  • A schedule that will accommodate religious activities
  • Ability to change work shifts
  • Policy changes regarding religious activity

If an employee’s activities or rituals hinder other employees’ work, the employer may ask the employee to make some changes. This is not an act of discrimination.

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