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We are able to serve clients or families suffering a loss caused by a wide range of aviation matters. Unfortunately, many plane crashes involve fatalities. Survivors or families seeking compensation for their trauma or the wrongful death of a loved one should consult an attorney with experience handling wrongful death claims.

At Massey and Duffy, PLLC, we undertake wrongful death claims on behalf of passengers’ surviving family members, and of the estate of the deceased. People not killed in aviation accidents usually suffer catastrophic injuries, including serious emotional injuries such as post traumatic stress disorders, and physical injuries such as burns, broken limbs, amputation, and brain damage.


Our attorneys have a wide range of experience in handling all types of matters affecting airlines. These run the gamut from regulatory compliance, transactions, corporate matters and contracts, to employment and tort claims ranging from minor injuries to major airline disasters. Our clients include major air carriers, regional airlines, low-cost carriers and start-up carriers.

General Aviation

Over the years, our lawyers have handled general aviation matters on behalf of aircraft and component manufacturers, airports, charter and fractional ownership operators, corporate flight departments, fixed-base operators, repair stations, air traffic control service providers, aircraft ground handling service providers and others. These have ranged from establishing and certificating business entities, to regulatory compliance matters, to litigation involving everything from sophisticated business jets to entry-level, single engine aircraft.


We have extensive experience in the representation of airports of all sizes. For example, at one end of the spectrum, we have represented one of the largest and busiest airports in the United States in all areas, including tort claims ranging from slips and falls, to motor vehicle accidents, false arrest claims and aircraft damage. Our clients also include smaller airports and fixed-base operators, where we represent them in everything from tort claims and litigation arising from injuries and deaths, to environmental compliance audits. We have authored an environmental compliance handbook for use by airport management.

Ground Handling Services

We represent the providers of airport ground handling services including fueling, baggage handling, deicing, skycap services and all those services necessary to keep aircraft operational and airports functioning. Our role as national counsel for such clients is a natural fit with the national and international nature of their operations and our law firm.

Aircraft and Component Manufacturers

We represent airframe and component manufacturers in matters that include personal injury and wrongful death litigation, Federal Aviation Administration (FAA)/European Aviation Safety Administration (EASA) regulatory compliance matters, National Transportation Safety Board (NTSB) incident and accident investigations, employment, contracts and transactions.

Federal Aviation Administration Matters

We represent the full spectrum of aviation clients in matters arising from potential violations of federal aviation regulations, including enforcement actions seeking civil penalties and revocation or suspension of individual and corporate certificates and ratings. We also assist our aviation clients in establishing and certificating entities consistent with the requirements of aviation regulations, statutes and treaties.

We pride ourselves in being able, in many cases, to assist our clients in resolving a problem before it develops. Where one already exists, we strive to resolve it in a way that is consistent with all of the client’s interests, including the need to maintain an ongoing relationship with governmental authorities.

Risk Counseling & Insurance

Our attorneys can give advice on how to assess, avoid or minimize the risks of litigation in the aviation industry, including pre-purchase liability audits and advice on how to structure transactions and insurance to limit exposure. Risks involved include:

  • Defective components
  • Errors in design
  • Crashes related to weather
  • Fueling problems
  • Air traffic controller mistakes
  • Animals, debris, and people on the runway
  • Employee negligence
  • Maintenance failures
  • Pilot error

If you or a loved one has been injured in an aviation accident, contact Massey & Duffy, PLLC, today to schedule your free initial consultation with one of our knowledgeable attorneys.