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Residential owners have a legal responsibility to maintain their buildings in a reasonably safe way.  This includes but is not limited to the parking area, stairwells, elevators, the pool or the gym.  Upkeep and maintenance of residential complexes often require a lot of work, frequently complex owners take short cuts and fail to make repairs and general upkeep on the property. If the owner who controls the facility fails to keep it safe, then they can become liable for any injuries that occur as a result of negligence.  If you or a loved one suffer an injury at a residential complex, it is important to understand your legal rights and act accordingly.

If you or a loved one sustained injury in a residential complex you may be entitled to compensation. Personal injury cases are often time-sensitive. Many residential complexes in Gainesville and North Florida utilize digital video surveillance daily, but most facilities record over existing tapes. It is essential to begin the investigation of your accident case quickly to avoid losing valuable information. The experienced legal team of Massey & Duffy, PLLC will begin investigation of your claim immediately in order to preserve all time sensitive material. Call our office so we can assist you in setting up a free consultation.

Residential Complex Accident Attorneys

As part of our commitment to our clients, we always provide personalized and caring service. At the law firm of Massey & Duffy, we have a philosophy of respect and integrity coupled with an uncompromising pursuit of justice. These values are demonstrated every day in the way we practice law. Our clients can rest assured that we will represent them aggressively and with the compassion that they deserve. If you have a legal issue, please contact our Gainesville Florida lawyers today.  Our lawyers represent people with all degrees of injury, from soft-tissue to serious and catastrophic injuries, as well as wrongful death.

Our attorneys understand that there is no amount of money that can compensate a family for the loss of a loved one. In a wrongful death claim, these damages can be substantial. They can include not merely reimbursement for medical and hospital bills to care for the deceased victim before his or her death, but also damages for the loss of future income or financial support that the deceased victim would have provided to his or her family if the victim had not died. Additionally, damages for the loss of companionship suffered by a surviving spouse and/or children are also factored in.

Residential Complex Injuries can be Avoided

Our firm helps people with apartment building issues. Accidents and injuries frequently occur at those facilities, and include the following serious problems:

  • Proper precautions should be taken to prevent slip-and-fall accidents
  • Property operators and owners are required to keep buildings, parking lots, stairwells and sidewalks in a reasonably safe condition
  • Adequate security and lighting must be provided
  • Proper precautions must be taken to mitigate risk of fire and smoke inhalation injuries
  • Protocol should be followed to prevent swimming pool accidents
Committed To Improving Lives

Our firm is founded on a sincere commitment to improving clients’ lives. We understand that in the wake of an accident, life as you know it has been shattered. Our goal is to help you put the pieces back together.

We are not a personal injury mill that emphasizes quantity over quality. Rather, we provide personal attention and superior service for each and every client. When you walk into our office, you will be meeting face to face with an attorney. We will walk you through the process and keep you informed at every step of the way.

We are experienced in handling all types of serious injuries, including head and back injuries. Our lawyers understand what judges and juries look for in these cases, and we have a thorough grasp of effective strategies for maximizing your compensation. Whether your case goes to trial or is resolved through settlement, you can rely on us to place your needs and goals first.

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If you are injured in an accident at a residential complex, contact the attorneys at Massey & Duffy, PLLC for your free consultation today. The Florida residential complex accident attorneys at Massey & Duffy, PLLC represent victims and their families who have been injured in an accident. Throughout Gainesville and North Florida our legal experts work to help people put their lives back together and recover financial compensation. We take the time to fully understand all aspects and locate all factors which contributed to the accident in order to determine which parties should be held liable. Rest assured that our residential complex lawyers will listen carefully and review the unique circumstances of your case and the future consequences of all injuries before filing a claim for damages.