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Our Lawyers Represent the Victims of Bicycle Accidents 

Were you injured in a bicycle accident in Florida?  Were you walking and hit by an automobile or motorcycle? Our Florida law firm focuses much of its efforts in representing bicycle accident victims and pedestrians injured on the roads. Often overlooked, bicycle accidents account for a significant number of deaths in Florida.  When added to the amount of pedestrian injuries and deaths, the numbers become staggering.

Important Facts You Should Know

The following is a list of important facts that every pedestrian and person riding a bicycle should know:

  • The most common bike-car collision or pedestrian death is a driver failing to yield at a stop sign.
  • Cycle riding against traffic is three times as dangerous as riding the right way.  For children, it’s seven times as dangerous.
  • Riding on the sidewalk is several more times more dangerous than riding in the street.
  • Most deaths to pedestrians and cyclists occur on major roads.
  • Streets with bike lanes have much lower crash rates than either major or minor streets without any bicycle facilities.

Free Consultation with an Experienced Florida Bicycle Accident Lawyer

No matter where you are located, Massey & Duffy, PLLC, represents bicycle accident victims.  Call us immediately if you have become injured in a bike accident; there are strict time limits that apply to your case. We can start the process of evaluating your claim during a free consultation.